Friday, April 8, 2011

Face Motion Capture for 2D Intro

This is the most inexpensive, 2D facial mocap solution that I have found. It only requires a video camera or webcam and After Effects. You can do this at home on your PC.


  1. Can you possibly do a tutorial from start to end for facial mocap?

    From hardware needed (cameras), to setting up markers on the actor face, and software. I've just started getting into mocap and it's a very interesting subject for me, I'm a design student right now and would like to see how this can be applied to 3D.

  2. I have a web site dedicates exclusively to this approach at:

  3. Great job! Why didn't I find this sooner, gonna start a new animation project for my daughters birthday now! Again fantastic job! More! =)


  4. I'm impressed with your work! The demo is cool (you are a fast worker). I didnt realise AE could do this. Thank you!